What Is Bemer

BEMER Sessions

BEMER is an amazing wellness device that increases blood flow and circulation, increases energy levels, alleviates anxiety, and improves sleep quality – to name just a few benefits.

Here at Georjeans Pet Grooming, we are seeing great results with BEMER – especially with dogs experiencing anxiety, dementia, reactivity and older dogs with stiff joints or weakness.

BEMER can be used prior to and in conjunction with dog grooming sessions to:

  • Calm anxious dogs
  • Improve vitality
  • Rehabilitate muscles
  • Spot treat injured areas
  • Help dogs stand more comfortably while being groomed.

We are so pleased with the results that our BEMER clients are reporting that we are offering discounted pricing on BEMER sessions now through March 30 to encourage you to experience this amazing technology yourself.

  • BEMER Session Add-On to Grooming Appointment: $25.00
  • Standalone BEMER Session: $35.00
  • 11-Session BEMER Package: $250.00 ($350.00 after January 31)

For more information about Bemer and its health benefits, visit: BMR University: What is Bemer?

How BEMER Works